Hub 405

Type Masterplan, Mixed-Use Building, Residential

Location Helsingborg, Sweden

Client Europan Sweden

Year 2019


The old harbour warhouse, Magasin 405 is located on the historical important waterfront for the trade exchanges between Sweden and Denmark. The area has had a key role as an industrial port as it is strategically located at the narrowest point in the strait.
The area today is part of Oceanhamnen, the first phase of a urban regeneration plan which converts the old harbour and industrial area into new neighborhoods with housing, offices and shops.

The design’s concept is to generate a new impulse for Helsingborg. It will not be just a place where to work, but we promote an integrated mix of uses where to live, experiment, collaborate and invest, generating a proper innovative public hub that attracts creative minds.
The proposal will both support the local businesses and craftsmanships, by providing suitable type of spaces and enable local people to forge meaningful long-term connections.

The former industrial warehouse for the storage of naval goods will become a new dynamic urban area where people converge into a continuous flow and where the public realm extends under the roofs and behind the facades of the built surfaces.
From a typical industrial pier to projects in continuous movement where everybody can be involved.




Magasin 405’s first aim is to complement Oceanhamnen’s residential masterplan providing a social relocation. We propose first to re-connect the warehouse to the harbour’s promenade conferring Magasin 405 again an important and contemporary role.
It’s external aspect will be mostly retained to celebrate the past history and its maroon Helsingborgstegel bricks will be the distinctive character.
Magasin will open its border towards the sea front to create a continuous flow throughout spreading the cultural vibe into the city, and the city life into the building.
A sustainable system that brings together living, culture and production. An easy to build design is proposed to provide working, living and commercial spaces. An adaptable, simple and organic system developed around the existing buildings to enhance their image and functions.

The scheme is proposed to be developed in incremental phases.
The first phase will create a new destination during the H22 expo. An early minimal built framework creates a urban room that will support the expo activities and at the same time forms the foundations of the future development.
Each phase is designed to both stand alone and create improvement over the prior phase. This approach will also test the development of the spaces, how these will start to be part of people’s life and how people will react to the new destination and mix of uses. This observations allow us to always ensure continuous improvement throughout the process and design closer to people’s needs.

The design proposal envisages the integration between two building blocks and public realm.
The public space will pass through the buildings neutralizing the separation between inside and outside giving the perception of a single harmonic organism.