Jubilant Tree Workshop – Moshi, Tanzania

Our mission is to build a new nursery school for the children of
the Jubilant orphanage.
We strongly believe in an integrated and collaborative approach.

Together we are:

building brick by brick

We propose a sustainable building model, which takes advantage of the local resources.

The primary material for the Jubilant Tree school is the locally available soil, which will be used to manufacture Compressed Earth Blocks or CEB.
These bricks are made from subsoil and stabilised with a small addition of lime, which is then processed and compressed at high pressure in a specialised machine already available in Moshi.

These typology of bricks do not need a cooking process, but are naturally dried in the sun before they can be used.

The aim is to showcase the potential of earth as building material, which has been widely used in the past, but during the years, it has been gradually replaced by concrete.

JT –

Our aim is to engage an educational and participatory construction process.

The building construction will involve local craftsmanship and end-users to stimulate the local economy and to share a construction method that everyone can learn and re-propose on future developments.

Jubilant Tree Workshop – Moshi, Tanzania
Jubilant Tree Workshop – Moshi, Tanzania

Since January, we have been collaborating with Jubilant Tanzania and C-re-aid architects in Moshi to develop the design proposal. 

All together, we started a participatory design process which aims to build a school that will be loved and will have a positive impact on the kids of Jubilant.

We have developed an outline plan that can be subdivided in three phases.

Each phase has the potential to succeed without being dependent on future phases.

It will deliver sustainable goals while being part of a larger holistic plan.
Jubilant Tree Workshop – Moshi, Tanzania
Jubilant Tree Workshop – Moshi, Tanzania
Phase 1

The first construction phase will give the priority to the most important functions:

  • The classroom 1
  • The sanitary block and water harvesting tank
  • A temporary kitchen for the orphanage

This will allow for a functional first part of the building, ready to be used by the kids of Jubilant.

Phase 2

The second phase will involve the construction of:

  • The classroom 2
  • The classroom 3

This will allow for the whole Jubilant school to be fully operative within the new building.

Phase 3

The third and final phase will involve the construction of:

  • The teachers room
  • The kitchen, pantry and storage
  • The community hall

The new school will open its doors to the wider community, creating meaningful spaces for meetings and events.

Jubilant Tree Workshop – Moshi, Tanzania
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